The Future

of Immunotherapy

Rooted in our commitment to deliver a comprehensive, unparalleled cold tumor treatment platform, ImmunoGenesis is building complementary pipeline programs from the bottom up.

Our pipeline programs directly target several key pathology processes that make cold tumors so difficult to treat.

Our programs

Prime an effective T-cell response

Block checkpoint signals effectively

Address the suppressive tumor microenvironment


Pipeline programs, their indications, and their current stage of development.

ISAC, immune-stimulating antibody conjugate; STING, stimulator of interferon genes; TNBC, triple-negative breast cancer

Our Platform

The foundation of our vision is a PD-L1/PD-L2 dual-specific inhibitor platform molecule. ImmunoGenesis will be the first company to target PD-L2, a critical regulator of human tumor immunity. Additionally, the antibody may also function as a tumor-specific delivery vehicle and as the base for trifunctional bispecifics, expanding targeting options.


Our lead program is IMGS-001. Preclinical data showed that IMGS-001 offered 5 times the response rate in cold tumors compared with currently available immunotherapies. Additionally, IMGS-001 can provide a foundation for add-on therapies.

Development Programs

Our platform presents opportunities to pair with additional programs. Such programs could include creating trifunctional bispecifics.

IMGS-501 is an antibody-conjugated STING agonist transported systemically by our PD-L1/PD-L2 dual-specific inhibitor, allowing greater flexibility in delivery. With IMGS-501, there is no need for direct tumor injection. The antibody-conjugated STING agonist can be effectively delivered intravenously. The antibody then transports STING to all sites of the tumor and to the appropriate cells within the tumor microenvironment.