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Our foundation


IMGS-001 re-envisions and resets the starting point for cold tumor treatment with a novel, dual-specific PD-L1/PD-L2 antibody. This means we are addressing tumor pathology at the roots. Rather than building on the fragile 5% response rate seen with PD-(L)1 inhibition in cold tumors, we developed a superior foundation in a PD-1 pathway blockade. IMGS-001 can increase the cold tumor monotherapy response rate to 5 times the efficacy of current treatments.

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Deliver potent STING agonist


IMGS-205, our STING-mAb Immune Stimulating Antibody Conjugate (ISAC), builds on the novel PD-L1/PD-L2 inhibitor by conjugating a STING agonist to the antibody. This design combines an optimal PD-1 pathway blockade with a powerful immune agonist. ImmunoGenesis, a leader in the emerging field of ISAC, developed this agent to effectively transport STING agonist to all tumor sites. This therapeutic advance pushes through an important barrier seen with traditional STING agonists, which consistently produce an effect at the site of the intratumoral injection by delivering STING precisely where it is most effective across tumor sites.

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Enhanced checkpoint inhibition


Evofosfamide (Evo) is in development as a hypoxia-reversal agent and primer for enhanced checkpoint inhibition in cold tumor treatment. By reoxygenating immune T cells in the tumor microenvironment, Evo frees T cells to traffic to the tumor and attack cancerous cells. In a Phase I clinical trial, Evo resulted in complete response in patients who had failed 2 lines of hormone treatment as well as 2 lines of chemotherapy. While not our primary target, we are excited to see where we can drive the science.

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